Why Did We Create A Bloody Mary Website?

Old yellow Wisconsin license plate America's Dairyland

Until now there was not a comprehensive directory website of where to find Bloody Marys in our great state of Wisconsin. As marketers and influencers, and on one of our team’s recent research findings, we discovered that Wisconsin is #1 for the search term “Bloody Mary.” Imagine that!

In the land of cheese and beer, we get very artistic with our food and drink. There are so many garnish toppings and unlimited ways to pickle items from our forests and farm to top off our favorite drink. We have seen everything crowning these masterpieces from Twinkies to Ho Ho’s

Oh and the events claiming “The Best”, The Most Creative”, and The Most Original” can be found In the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Appleton. There are sure to be more in your area too. People come from neighboring states to join in the festivities and make a day or a weekend of it.

We will shout out to our nearest competitor and neighbor, Minnesota. Proximity is key since we share similar weather, lakes, and terrain. It is such a short reach to share the same interests. Rumor has it that Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota. But does it really matter if you are clinking glasses?

Wisconsin has a drinking culture. We revolve around Packer and Badger games at bars, restaurants, and in cabins and backyards any chance we can take. Creating events around these beauties is now a thing. So why not build a source where everyone can go to search for new venues to visit and enjoy these lovely cocktails?

Creating a Bloody Mary work of art is part of the lure of this beautiful red drink. Join us as we travel, and visit unique out-of-the-way holes in the walls and elegant Bloody Mary bars.

Because #itsabloodyadventure!

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