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It’s A Bloody Adventure – #300

By Mary Jane Sanchez | July 23, 2022 |

WiscoMary Heads South of the Border

As great as Wisconsin is, many of the trade shows choose to exhibit in Chicago. Knowing how the traffic is from Milwaukee to the Windy City, WiscoMaryMJ ventured out early to allow enough time for a liquid breakfast. WiscoMary Heads South of the Border. Google maps are great because you can search for #bloodymary and “open now”. That brings up more limited choices but is definitely open. This allowed me to stumble upon a fabulous venue that also said “oyster bar”. It was a short walk from the parking spot on a hot summer morning. The city was already alive and this location opened at 7 am. McCormick Place did not open till 10 so there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy a morning meal.

The pleasant hostess gave me 3 choices of where to sit at Venteux Chicago, outside, inside at the cafe, and inside in the dining room. Oysters were only served in the dining room so the choice was easily made. The server was amazing, her name was Vesna and she was from Serbia and had a beautiful accent.

She offered bottled water and I responded “Sparkling please”. I received a bottle of Evian, I did not know Evian made sparkling water. Next, a bloody Mary was ordered along with 6 east coast oysters.

Then they both arrived. The presentation was perfect and the flavor of everything was very nice. Let’s start with the bloody. The rim was Tajin, and the mix was homemade but used ZingZang. I could not identify all the flavors because it was more seasoned-based vs tomato based which made it light, not heavy. A pinch of spice was evident but again not identifiable. It was served with the citrus slices of lemon and lime, plus an olive, and all placed on a wooden spear with a gold ball on the end. It was served in a pilsner glass with a paper straw.

On to the oysters. for some reason, they just go perfectly with A BloodyMary. These were small, minerally, and flavorful. But the sauces were memorable. The malt vinegar was unique. Vinegar was the base with gooseberry, cucumber, and a drop of Jalapeno juice. The cocktail sauce was another delicious recipe that used Harissa peppers in its creation. Everything was served on a bed of ice, with a lemon and a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce.

After all that deliciousness, the desert was a must. A raspberry tart was delivered with a gold fork on a gold coaster. Presentation is everything! The taste was melting in your mouth, it was creamy sweet, and tart with coconut, chocolate, and raspberry of course. Coffee was in order to round out this beautiful meal.

I left with a great experience and plenty of time to get to my destination. Thanks, Venteux!

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It’s A Bloody Adventure – #299

By Mary Jane Sanchez | June 26, 2022 |

WiscoMary visits McBob’s Milwaukee

Summertime and baseball. The Milwaukee Brewers are in season and fans love to visit their local bar, park their cars, and grab a shuttle to the game. McBob’s is located in close proximity to the ballpark and offers a great place to have a bite, grab a bloody Mary, and/or a beer before the game.

Today is Sunday Funday and WiscoMary, as usual, does a quick Google search for “Bloody Mary” and away we go! Luckily for us, the bus had just departed so it was not as busy and we could spend time with the bartender Brittany. She greeted us immediately with a smile and said “will you be eating today?”

After a quick introduction, she was so excited to hear about WiscoMary that she told us she has her own tried and true Bloody Mary recipe. So we got started.

Build it!

As usual, we start with ice in a pint glass. This time I requested Absolut Citron because the more citrus the better IMO. Brittany then plunked down a spoon of horseradish, then added a squeeze of Worcestershire, Louisiana sauce, A1, pickle juice followed by tomato juice, and celery salt. Shake, pour and garnish. The garnish consisted of olives, a pickle, a lemon wedge, a yummy sausage stick, and a wad of cheese whips with more seasonings to top it off!

The atmosphere was pleasant. The bar top was made of copper, the chairs comfortable. Everyone was coming and going about the food. There were many take-out orders. I did not eat this time but WiscoChristin said the food is delicious. I am told that McBob’s is known for its corned beef.

They have 11 taps, a garden outdoor patio. I asked about the mimosa towers and was told they get filled with OJ and a bottle of champagne then served at your table. Next visit for sure!

McBob’s is located at 4919 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208. Definitely check them out for bloodied or your next Brewer game outing. -MJS

ps. we skipped a number of posts in 2020-2022 so a random number was created till we catch up

WiscoMary visits McBob’s Milwaukee

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Tuesday 2/22/22

By Mary Jane Sanchez | February 22, 2022 |
2/22/22 tuesday
2’s Day

2 good reasons to drink bloody marys on Tuesday 2/22/22.

A Wisconsin Bloody Mary is usually served as a day drink but nighttime works too.

Reason 1. Tomato juice in the morning especially with a squeeze of lemon gets your systems started. So you might as well add a little vodka and some spices and garnish to make it the perfect answer to this once a century 2’s day.

Reason 2. Because every day is a good day to have a bloody Mary in Wisconsin. Why not make it a party and invite some friends day or night! Enjoy your special Tuesday and a fabulous bloody Mary! Tag us on Facebook Twitter or Insta @WiscoMary #itsabloodyadventure

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It’s A Bloody Adventure – October ’21, Part 2

By Christin Logarakis | October 25, 2021 |

Fox River Valley – Kaukauna/Appleton

It was a cool and overcast Thursday when WiscoMaryMJ and WiscoMaryChristin headed to the Fox River Valley area.

The Valley is a large area, so they had just a few destinations in mind, deciding to explore more on another day.

The first stop was in the Kaukauna area to a bar called Two of a Kind (W3220 Dundas Rd.). When the ladies walked in, Rochelle, the Bar Manager, greeted them warmly, as did Joanne, the Bartender. From the kitchen, Linda, the Bar Owner, came out to greet them as well. 

The bar has been around for about 10 years. About 6 years ago, Linda said her son told her, “Mom, you have to have a really great Bloody Mary.”

So they played around and now have an award-winning (Best Bloody in the Fox Valley) Bloody! The Ultimate Bloody Mary is available on Saturdays and Sundays only. Their mix is a secret recipe, and the garnishes, well….

The garnishes consist of a cheeseburger slider, fried onion rings, a stalk of celery, a boiled shrimp, a pickle spear, a meat stick from Forest Floor, cheese strings from Simon’s Specialty Cheese, a boiled shrimp, pickled Brussels sprout, pickled mushroom, green olives, an asparagus spear, and an egg – your choice of hard boiled, pickled, or spicy pickled made by Bay View Packing. It also comes with a beer chaser of any of their tap beers. Fabulous!

WiscoMaryMJ had the spicy pickled egg, while WisocMaryChristin had the regular pickled egg. Neither lady particularly cares for thick onion rings, but both found the onion rings perfectly crispy with a hint of salt that was very pleasing. The mix itself is rich without being thick, and very tasty. The vodka is rail, but can be upgraded.

“The key”, said Linda, “is to eat the hot stuff first, then nibble at the rest.” 

Two of a Kind’s regular Bloody is always available, and is garnished with a pickle and green olives, and also includes the chaser.

Because they are so popular, and the kitchen is small, wait times for both food and Bloodies on the weekends can be upwards of an hour. “We get really busy.” said Linda, and Rochelle and Joanne agreed.

Then it was time to head out to the next stop.

Haen Meat Packing (600 County Rd KK) in KauKauna was bustling. The place smells wonderfully of smoked meat when you walk in. They offer a large selection of fresh, cured, frozen, and smoked meat, including game meats. They also have sauces, spices, and cheese. WiscoMaryMJ picked up some braunschweiger, pineapple teriyaki snack sticks, peppered bacon, and jalapeno cheddar summer sausage. WiscoMaryChristin bought raspberry chipotle bacon, BLT bacon, and a variety of meat sticks and sausages.

After experiencing the cheese strings from Simon’s Specialty Cheese in the Two of a Kind Bloody Mary, WiscoMaryMJ decided Simon’s should be the third stop, so the ladies headed to Appleton.

Simon’s Specialty Cheese (2735 Freedom Rd.) does not just sell cheese. They sell All Things Wisconsin. Local meats, cheeses, wine, liquor, beer, candy, and clothing for the Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers, Green Bay Packers. There is a deli in the back making fresh sandwiches and other food, as well as selling local coffee. WiscoMaryMJ and WiscoMaryChristin had a great time wandering around looking at everything, as well as loading up baskets of cheese, meat, popcorn, fudge, and Bloody Mary items from Arty’s Legendary Cocktails, based in Clintonville, WI. When WiscoMaryChristin picked up a jar of pickled quail eggs, an employee stopped to talk, and offered the advice that they were great for Bloody Marys! Well! That set off an entire conversation, as you can imagine. 

After that, the ladies decided to stop for a very late lunch, or early dinner, at Victoria’s Italian Cuisine (503 W. College Ave), a place WiscoMaryChristin fondly remembered from her days attending the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Although they did have Bloody Marys on the menu, the pair opted for a glass of wine instead. WiscoMaryMJ ordered Capellini with Fruitti di Mare sauce, and WiscoMaryChristin had the Gnocchi Pistachio. They also could not resist ice cream drinks for dessert!

Then it was time to head home, another Bloody Adventure done!


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It’s A Bloody Adventure – October ’21

By Christin Logarakis | October 19, 2021 |

Wisconsin Dells

On a bright and sunny Thursday, WiscoMaryMJ and WiscoMaryChristin hopped in the car and headed to the Wisconsin Dells area.

The drive was beautiful, the leaves were displaying their colorful glory, and the WiscoMaryLadies were on a mission! 

They pulled into Lake Delton and decided that having breakfast along with the first Bloody Mary of the day was the best plan. 

The Wintergreen Grille & Bar (100 N. Gasser Rd.) beckoned to them, just as the sunny day turned cloudy and rainy. 

A small, locally-owned restaurant attached to a hotel, The Wintergreen Grille was welcoming, and the service was friendly and prompt. Both of the WiscoMaryLadies opted for eggs, but WiscoMaryChristin had the side of their rightfully-famous buttermilk pancakes, while WiscoMaryMJ opted for hearty marble rye toast with orange marmalade.

The Bloodies that they ordered were substantial, made with A-1 Steak Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, pickle juice, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and Nikolai Vodka. Both WiscoMaryLadies thought they were rich and full-flavored. 

As they were leaving, they discovered their next stop, The Beef Jerky Experience (75 Gasser Rd. Suite F), was right across the street, so they headed over to check it out. 

The store is stocked with hot sauces and (of course) beef jerky in a wide variety of flavors, including a Bloody Mary flavor!

William, the Manager, was happy to give them samples of the Bloody Mary, Cajun Crawfish, Sweet Bourbon, and more. The WiscoMaryLadies stocked up on a variety of jerky, and then headed back out into the rainy day. 

From Lake Delton, the WiscoMaryLadies headed to Baraboo, and the Driftless Glen Distillery (300 Water St.) to meet with Bethany, the Marketing Manager. 

The Distillery broke ground in 2012 and started distilling in 2014. They currently distribute their products in 20 states. Driftless Glen makes 16 products, including bourbon, rye, brandy, a “Wisconsin” gin, and only available in-store moonshine. And, of course, VODKA for Bloody Marys! The two vodka flavors available are cucumber and lemon.

Bethany was very gracious and personable and took WiscoMaryMJ on a tour of the Distillery. WiscoMaryMJ was excited to view the tapping of a barrel of their exclusive Port Finished Bourbon, which is their bourbon finished in Ruby Port barrels from Portugal.

The WiscoMaryLadies then enjoyed a really excellent Bloody Mary at the bar. Made with Jimmy Luv’s mix, the Bloody sported a pickle, 2 green olives, a slice of cucumber, a lime wedge, and a slice of Nueske’s bacon. It was finished with a housemade citrus salt rim, which was extremely tasty and worked well with all the flavors of the Bloody. They were also treated to small tastes of the bourbons, rye, and Wiscongin. 

The WiscoMaryLadies were very impressed with the exclusive bottle design of the bourbon. Made in France, each side of the bottle sports an imprint of the fingerprints of the two owners – Brian & Renee’ Bemis. Both of the WiscoMaryLadies bought a bottle to take home, as well as a couple bottles of Wiscongin and S’mores Moonshine.

The rain let up at last, WiscoMaryMJ and WiscoMaryChristin left Driftless Glen and took a drive past the Wisconsin historical site of the Baraboo Circus World (550 Water St.) grounds. A Bloody Mary-less detour, but fun and interesting, nonetheless! 

Heading towards the Devil’s Lake area, the WiscoMaryLadies made their way to their final stop of the day, Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen (S5718 State Rd. 136 & DL). 

The parking lot is flanked by a building housing the brewery and another with the bar/kitchen, and in between a spacious patio. 

The WiscoMaryLadies went into the kitchen side and took a seat at the bar. Our bartender, Jamie, was very peppy and friendly. WiscoMaryChristin ordered their version of a Bloody Mary, called The Devil, made with ZingZang mix, Doundrins Pepper Vodka, Cholula Hot Sauce, a spicy pickle, and two green olives. WiscoMaryMJ ordered a Michelada, made with ZingZang and their own beer, Jimmy D’s Mexican Lager. 

The food menu looked amazing, and the pair could not help ordering food to snack on, as well as to-go. WiscoMaryMJ ordered the Clam Chowder with Smoked Salmon, the Brussels Sprouts Chips, and the Charred Portobello Mushrooms. WiscoMaryChristin could not resist the pizza made with olive oil, Gorgonzola Cheese, pears, prosciutto, and topped off with Mike’s Hot Honey. 

Thus fortified, the pair headed for home, and another Bloody Adventure was in the books! 


WiscoMaryMJ and WiscoMaryChristin

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