Bloody Mary Variations

Bloody Mary Variations

We all know what a Bloody Mary’s two basic components are - tomato juice and vodka. But there are an incredible number of variations to try, from a bright green Bloody Mary that uses Tomatillo juice instead of tomato juice, to the rather exotic Bloody Geisha, which substitutes sake’ for vodka and adds soy sauce and wasabi. Read below to discover the different ways a Bloody can be enjoyed.


For a Michelada, substitute beer for vodka. Different beer styles produce different flavor profiles, so play around a little with this one.

Bloody Maria

This one is simple, and perhaps the best-known alternative Bloody. Substitute tequila or mezcal for vodka.

Bloody Caesar

Our lovely Canadian friends developed this variation. The difference here is that, instead of regular tomato juice, a Bloody Caesar is made with Clamato. Clamato, in case you didn’t know, is a mixture of tomato juice and clam juice.

Bloody Bull

A Bloody Bull is the same as a Bloody Mary, with one additional ingredient - beef bouillon. Rich and meaty!

Bloody Geisha

An interesting version that replaces vodka with sake’, and adds soy sauce and a bit of wasabi to the mix. Spicy!

Bloody Pirate

Yo ho ho! Use a dark spiced rum instead of vodka.

Bloodless Mary

For people who don’t like a strong tomato taste, this version is made with tomato water instead of tomato juice.

Bloody Scotsman

Like the Brown Mary, we’ve never seen anyone order this. It replaces the vodka with Scotch.

Ruddy Mary

Bloody Marys can be made with just about any spirit, so if you’re a gin drinker, the Ruddy Mary is for you. Substitute the vodka for gin.

Brown Mary

Replace the vodka with whiskey. We’ve never seen this one in the wild, but it is A Thing That Exists.

Green Mary

The Green Mary substitutes green tomatoes - called Tomatillos - for the traditional tomato juice. It has a fresh, tart taste. To go a step beyond, substitute the vodka for tequila or mezcal (a Bloody Maria), and add a dash of chili powder.

It’s A Bloody Shame

A Bloody Mary without the booze. Also known as a Virgin Mary.